An Ode to Charlotte: Charlotte Has it All


I was born about thirty years ago and was raised in Gaston County. I come from outlaws. But, none of that matters. You’re here for the dirt, right?

As a kid I remember crossing the river to come into Charlotte with my dad to see blues and hippie based bands. Everything from The Allman Brothers to B.B. King.

When I was old enough to venture out on my own I started going to punk shows. I kicked around town, marveling at how awesome Manifest Discs & Tapes was. I left a lot of half-finished applications with Infinity’s End, played in a few bands, and typed up words for whoever would print them.

There’s always something to do here. Whether you’re down at AMF University Lanes for League Nights or sampling the various Magnolia Coffee brews at Common Market, you’re sure to find something for the liberal in you.

Between your outings at all the great scenic hiking spots like Freedom Park you can make your palate fancy with a slew of local, micro- brews.

If you pull back the fringe corners of a banking capital, you’re going to find a culture on par with say London, or Paris. Everything from the world’s best barbecue to impeccable city planning; Charlotte has it all.

I stay here for the same reasons anyone else does…Charlotte’s AMAZING vegetarian options, the great jam band scene and of course…The World Famous Milestone Club.

I never got that job with Infinity’s End.

Daniel Gardner

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  1. If you are into The Dead, Allmans, Phish, Widespread ,etc. check out Charlotte based jam band Bullfrog Moon.

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